We create products that improve the lives of children with Autism.
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We create products that allow people to focus on the child.

Child Centered

Clinicians, programmers, and designers all working together to create apps and products that help improve the lives of children with autism.


We don't want to make one app that does everything because we believe that makes an app that does nothing. We focus on specific skills/concepts and make products that address those needs.

Ease of Use

We strive to make our products easy to use. Technology should be the last thing you think about when you are using it.


What we are working on

Camp Discovery

CARD Materials

This for That: Visual Schedules

This for That: Token Store

This for That: Token Board

This for That: Visual Timer

This for That: Autism Behavioral Tools


What people are saying

  • Richard

    Special Education Teacher and Technology Specialist

    One young man I work with has made tremendous gains in behavior & receptive language because of the app and has become a great success story. - via email

  • Betsy

    Special Education Teacher

    I teach at a public center school for kids with disabilities in Florida. I have 6 non-verbal kids w ASD, who all have aggressive behaviors. They all like Camp Discovery, but my (student name removed) is absolutely addicted. He LOVES it. Actually, it is the only thing he will do independently. The constant reinforcements and spinning swirls mesmerize him. His goals match the games, so I know even when he isn't working directly with me, he is gaining skills. - via email

  • Heart4Autism

    Special Education Teacher

    Finally an app that is made for my students! I have a k-2 autism unit with students on the severe end of the spectrum. We are always looking for apps that are engaging but also made to practice functional skills. They all love iPad time, but we struggle to find appropriate apps. I am in love with this app and I can't wait to see my students suceed! Thank you for this amazing app! - via itunes review

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